Earn from your Devices? uPlexa Develops First Viable IoT Miner for Digital Currencies

The uPlexa network incentivizes the mass compute power of IoT devices to power its means of anonymous blockchain payments. Our goal is to decrease the barrier to entry for cryptocurrencies to allow for proper mass adoption and to target newcomers to the world of digital currencies.

The uPlexa Main network launched on December 1st, and has experts wondering, just who are these developers? uPlexa aims at being an anonymous cryptocurrency, lead by an anonymous team. Their claimed intentions for remaining anonymous is to avoid being extorted, or attacked by dictatorships, corporations, or hackers as mentioned by Lead Developer, “QuantumLeaper” in their Discord:

uPlexa is an anonymous coin created for the community, by the community. At this time, until we find more contributors/team members, the team has chosen to remain anonymous. This is done in-order to mitigate a single point of failure (by lessening what may be targeted to put this project to a stand still) As we’ve seen, government agencies are targeting and suppressing anonymous cryptocurrencies. As this project has not done an ICO nor any type of funding, we see no need for any official figureheads or complete disclosure of team information. The project will have to speak for itself. One thing I’ve learned about opsec, or really anything in life, is you either do it, or you don’t. No half measures. To offer an anonymous cryptocurrency and list your name on the website, is a sure-fire way to get a target on your back (especially as we’ve seen agencies and dictators target anonymous services such as monero, zcash, and tor)

The tight-knit team has managed to launch several products and services around their network in only an astonishing two months, simply leaves some of us entirely flabbergasted. Take a look at projects like Electroneum or Stellite who required years of of development and funding and still have not fulfilled their promises. Now you have uPlexa pop-up out of nowhere and beat them all to the punch with not just proof-of-concepts, but rather, fully functional products… in under two months.

uPlexa meme pulled from a uPlexa community member in the UPX Discord

uPlexa meme pulled from a uPlexa community member in the UPX Discord


It seems uPlexa surely did not fall short of delivering their promises to the community in respect to an economical means of powering their transactions via IoT.

You may find more details about the uPlexa Android miner here: