Top 4 Promising Cryptocurrencies of 2019

The cryptocurrency industry has become the most prominent space in fintech over the last few years, and is continuing to cultivate a larger audience. The most powerful minds in technology and finance are backing such digital assests, some of which will forever change the world as we know it.

Being that there are so many impressive projects within the crypto sphere, it can be a burden to sort through all of the buzz and find which are the finest of the finest. The following three cryptocurrencies speak for the very best the crypto indsutry has to offer. They should be watched very closely as they have the potential to disrupt the current fintech industry as we know it, and leave a radical footprint within the crypto sphere forever.

#1) uPlexa

uPlexa is a private, decentralized p2p electronic payment system powered by the mass computing power of the Internet of Things (IoT).

uPlexa works with their partner, CryptoLoot, the most popular web mining service (used by services such as ThePirateBay, and OnlineVideoConverter) to find the most efficient ways to mine cryptocurrencies on IoT devices, such as phones, tablets, gaming machines, and even smart toasters. This is done to help create a more casual approach to mining, helping secure a truly decentralized network, which has yet to have been fulfilled by any current digital asset at this time of writing.

The uPlexa team, currently manned by five individuals, has been able to pump out an impressive amount of releases since they released their mainnet in December of 2018. The team has released a blockchain with an IoT viable mining algorithm, their own android miner, an android wallet, libraries for NodeJS, PHP, and Python, as well as plugins for WooCommerce, Magento, Prestashop, OpenCart, and WHMCS. The community has had discussions in regard to a potential Proof-of-Steak and Proof-of-Work split, allowing for masternodes on the uPlexa network. If this is to be confirmed, we could see a very large price spike for the uPlexa currency as it continues to lead the industry in 2019.

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#2) VertCoin

VertCoin is also a decentralized currency, who have a strong focus on development of “LIT”, a lightning network alternative that focuses on implementing all coins into a single protocol, making a single unified multicoin lightning network. The significance of this is, instead of the need to run multiple different lightning networks for each coin, only one network (LIT) needs to be running.

Vertcoin is a transparent blockchain, allowing for users to see who has how much money. This allows us to look into rich lists, lists that show how much any indvidual is holding. At the current time of writing, we can see that nearly 27% of VTC is held by the top 100 wallets ( As we have seen with Bitcoin and Litecoin, this seems to be a trend amongst most cryptocurrencies in their state of infancy.

Vertcoin has a strong focus on resistanting ASIC devices from mining on their network, allowing for the average investor to get into mining via GPU rigs. Although mining Vertcoin is not profitable for casual based miners, Vertcoin does have some great technology to boot; such as their crypto box. The Vertcoin crypto box, known as “LIT box” (maybe not the best name), is a personal node you may purchase and install in your home to help power the lightning network. Keep in mind, by using the LIT Box, the system will work with Bitcoin, litecoin, and vertcoin.


#3) RavenCoin

RavenCoin, another p2p asset, is a token issuance based coin, allowing for tokens to be issued on the RavenCoin blockchain, much like smart contracts on the Ethereum Blockchain. RavenCoin is known for its tremendous speed, being 10x faster than bitcoin, as well as its additional features such as asset issuance, transfers, sub-assets, rewards, and voting systems.

RavenCoins main appeal, is that it is a platform, a platform in which has the ability to be built upon. The platform comes with a devkit, allowing you to build anything from websites to messaging systems on the RavenCoin network.

RavenCoin has been trending for a few weeks, recently being listed on Binance. Will RavenCoin be the Ethereum Killer of 2019? Only time will tell.

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PCHAIN is the first native multichain system that supports Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) in the world, making large scale blockchain applications possible.

PCHAIN uses a new Oracle mechanism based on the knowledge graph to amke it easier to encapsulate smart contracts. W3C compliant smart data effectively adresses the issue of nonintelligence in smart contracts. As we take a look at this project closer, we’re able to see the team has been able to have four patents granted by CNIPA, has become a partner of the Public Chain Technology Alliance (PCTA), and has had a in-depth and thorough interview with hackJunction on the premise of the project.

Dr. Feng Cao, Co-Founder of PCHAIN and Chief Scientist of FinChain and Co-Founder of ChinaLedger, Ex-Chief Scientist at the Internet Finance patent review board in IBM Research-China, has won the The Most Promising Infrastructure/Protocol of the Year Award — Awarded by Global Blockchain Technology, three years in a a row.
PCHAIN has just hit Bittrex, and is on steady mission to the moon.

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This list represents the most promising cryptocurrencies, constructing the future of the crypto and blockchain industries. Some may fail, some will prevail.

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