Developer Identity Reveal for Privacy based CryptoCurrency, uPlexa

On Monday, July 29th, the lead developer and founder of the privacy based cryptocurrency project, “uPlexa”, has announced he will be revealing his identity on Thursday, August 8th, 2019. This has since shocked the community as one of their core fundamentals is anonymity and privacy among both users and contributors.

In a brief chat with QuantumLeaper, the lead developer of uPlexa, we were able to pinpoint the reasons of the disclosure. QuantumLeaper informed us that due to the incredible amount of “sketchy characters” within the crypto realm, the entire crypto community is weary of projects, especially of those with no faces to their names. He continued to explain that up to two other individuals from the uPlexa team may be revealing their identities quite soon to help build trust and transparency around their project.

It’s a sacrifice worth making. I do not want fame or popularity, I would rather remain quiet and to myself. However, the majority of peoples within the industry expect a figurehead to trust. This centralized approach is something I am against, and hope we will one day grow out of  such mentality. However, for the time being, this is something I feel is appropriate in order to properly voice our ideas and opinions to a greater audience. That being said, I hope we keep a fine balance of private and known contributors going forward. Contributors will not be expected in any way to reveal themselves. In fact, I would rather they did not.

After going through some of their chats in Discord and Telegram, we are able to see that QuantumLeaper is frustrated with miners choosing to mine to one out of almost a dozen uPlexa pools, bringing up centralization issues. “Computers can be built to be more responsible than people.” QuantumLeaper also recently started getting active on his own Twitter account with funny yet serious rhetoric’s such as:

By the sounds of it, QuantumLeaper wishes to improve the understanding of true decentralization, something IoT based mining should help their case. Not only is uPlexa a privacy based project soon to feature VPNs, it’s own layered onion routing protocol, and utility nodes to support the underlying infrastructure of privacy based applications – but they’ve also been IoT focused since the very start. Having developed and deployed the first feasible IoT based mining algorithm, uPlexa has been known to deliver. From my understanding, they will be releasing a true iOS miner shortly, on top of their already-existing android miner and advanced IoTProxy protocol.

QuantumLeaper believes his identity reveal may be a large catapult into the right direction:

Currently, our only real claim to fame is our technology. Our volume is small, our community is great, but… small. Exchanges don’t have much to go by when it comes to trust, and high tier exchanges need to remain reputable. Thus, they need to be proactive when choosing which coins to allow on their exchanges. By revealing some of our identities we will not only gain such trust, we will also be able to be more open. We will be able to do live Q&As, attend blockchain events, and participate in various discussions and podcasts.

What are your thoughts? Should privacy based projects have private teams? Is that something for the future? Can that truly exist now? What happened to Satoshis vision? Is our expectations of such developers and projects the demise of cryptocurrency? Is decentralization truly what the people want? I for one, believe it is surely what we need. Hopefully the uPlexa project is able to deliver such messages with their newly found voice.


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