The Ethereum Killer of 2019?

Ravencoin, an open-source protocol designed to facilitate the easy creation and peer-to-peer transfer of digital assets. This groundbreaking new platform uses a fork of the original Bitcoin blockchain with the X16R algorithm to promote decentralization. Tokens, each with their own unique properties determined by the issuer, are linked to both digital and real-world assets, giving the platform unparalleled functionality and flexibility.

We can go on and on about Ravencoin and all of its features, but most of you know about that already. Instead of talking about the fundamentals, we will rather focus on the value Ravencoin provides to its long-term investors and those who prefer to look at the future of projects instead of their present.

Before we jump into that, it is important to note that Ravencoin is decentralized and community-driven by nature which means that some of these future goals may change or even completely removed in favor of other better options. While uncertainty may exist, it is unreasonable to be uncertain about the intrinsic value of the project. Simply look at the community for evidence of this: investors are flocking to the project, community involvement is increasing by the day, and the price has grown over 400% in the last two months. 400% may seem like too much, but given the large time period and the stability of the growth, it looks to be very healthy.

What is next for Ravencoin?

According to the development milestones, Phase 4 has been the latest to be completed. This leaves Phases 5 through 8. Given the amount of milestones the project has covered in its short just-over-a-year lifespan, we can be sure that phase eight will not be the last and the project will continue to add valuable new features as time passes and the community provides more insight into what they want.

Phase 5 is all about messaging on the blockchain. It will allow authorized senders to message token holders through use of the KAAAWWWW! and IPFS protocols. Instead of being a peer-to-peer messaging system, this feature will act as a broadcast system for sending important announcements.

Voting (Phase 6) is the next feature to be implemented after messaging. Token holders will be issued parallel tokens, which can then be sent to RVN addresses as votes. Very simple yet also very powerful.

Phase 7 introduces compatibility mode, allowing newly created assets to appear as any other primary blockchain asset (BTC, RVN, etc.). Adding these tokens to an exchange, wallet, or blockchain explorer will be a breeze and thus speed up their adoption.

Phase 8 will simply be a change in key generation to make wallet backups easier.

After all of these powerful new features are implemented, the sky is the limit. Ravencoin is advancing at such a fast pace that it is impossible to predict where it will go next, but you can be sure that Ravencoin will go on to be one of the best use cases of the blockchain we will see.