Blockchain Monthly Update: September

Last month, in addition to launching The PIT, we announced partnerships and Wallet integrations that place users first, opening up new avenues to use crypto, and make your voices heard.

ICYMI – Polkadot Network Partnership + BitPay Integration

In August, we announced our partnership with the Polkadot Network. Empowering the end-user has been the continued inspiration behind new Blockchain initiatives and this partnership is stemmed from precisely that inspiration. When live, the Polkadot / Blockchain integration will accelerate the adoption and decentralization of Polkadot tokens, while simultaneously working to solve cross-blockchain interoperability challenges and on-chain governance.

What does this mean for you? Once live, you’ll be able to store, send and receive DOTs in your Blockchain Wallet. Beyond that, Blockchain Wallet users will also be able to vote on key Polkadot Network decisions (think: proposed revisions to the network protocol and counsel members).

Be on the lookout for more information on the integration and milestones we hit along the way.

We also integrated BitPay within the Blockchain Wallet. Now, users can spend their crypto – starting with Bitcoin – within an entirely new universe of outlets, without ever giving up control of your private keys.

We’re excited to launch this new Wallet addition and will keep you posted as we expand the integration to other assets, and allow you to put even more muscle behind your crypto.

Feature of the Month – USD and EUR Deposits on The PIT

In last month’s update, we introduced the Blockchain Connect feature — a seamless way to transfer crypto from your Blockchain Wallet to your PIT account. This month, we’re focusing on the ways you can turn your US Dollars and Euros into crypto.

One of the persistent challenges through the first decade of crypto has been the existence and reliability of on and off ramps for fiat. It’s a challenge that isn’t going away soon, but we’ve developed an extensive global banking network across the EU, UK, and US to ensure users can easily and securely fund their trading accounts with fiat.

First, to make fiat deposits, your PIT account will need to be Gold level verified. This process typically takes about 5 minutes and if you’re Silver verified, you’re already halfway there. Gold level also makes you eligible for future airdrops extended to your region (more on how to verify your account here).

Once your Gold verification is complete, head over to Balances > Deposit > and then either EUR or USD (depending on which fiat you’d like to deposit). This page will give detailed instructions and account information.

Once you’ve confirmed that everything has been entered correctly, you can submit and you’re all set! Your fiat is on its way into The PIT and soon ready to fuel your crypto trading.

Blockchain in the Cryptosphere

In the news:

  • Reuters – Our Head of Research Garrick Hileman caught up with Tom Wilson at Reuters to talk trade war tensions and China’s demand for crypto.
  • Decrypt – Nicholas Marinoff at Decrypt covered our partnership with the Polkadot Network.
  • Cointelegraph – Helen Partz also covered the Polkadot / Blockchain integration in her Cointelegraph article.
  • Coindesk – Daniel Kuhn reports on the recent BitPay integration within the Blockchain Wallet.
  • Cheddar – Tanaya Macheel and Brad Smith from Cheddar discuss the Bitcoin ETFs with Marco Santori on the floor of the NYSE.

Events in September:

  • EmpoderaLIVE (September 16th – 17th) – Garrick Hileman, Blockchain’s Head of Research, will discuss the social importance of technological innovation and citizen empowerment in Spain at this year’s EmpoderaLIVE event.
  • Sibos 2019 (September 25th) – Garrick Hileman will once again take the stage, this time on a Global Leaders panel in London at Sibos.
  • World Blockchain Forum (September 27th – 28th) – Our President and Chief Legal Officer, Marco Santori, in the spotlight at World Blockchain Forum in New York City.

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