#1 Altcoin to Watch in this Market

Wildly undervalued projects are hard to come by these days but its not hard to see why uPlexa fits into this category. Let’s find out why. uPlexa was released in 2018 as a fork of Monero with a goal of mining IoT devices. The cryptonote algorithm was adjusted to prefer the micro architecture of smaller cpus in order to keep ASICs and GPU farms at bay. This was done to favor the billions of devices worldwide that are just waiting to deliver value back to the user. It must have been an exiting first few months of building because as promised, a truly fair and profitable mobile miner was delivered shortly after the project went live. And this was just the beginning in a string of milestones and firsts, yet to come.

Fast-forward to now, they’ve come very far. In brief, a full complimentary suite of excellent wallets, plug-ins and and miners. A community member even applied miner software to a Nintendo Switch. In the three years since the project went live, the contributors haven’t stopped with the improvements and releases. So much so that other blockchain projects are copying their open source code and vision. It seems uPlexa’s “build first and keep building” ethic has resulted in great achievements but also kept them under the radar. Although the limited marketing has been a draw back for some onlookers, that has not stopped uPlexa from spawning a strong and loyal community. A community, who not only invest but contribute. In my limited research, it’s clear they play a big role in building, bug fixing and pushing forward the ecosystem.

That’s great right? But there’s a reason people that want to contribute to uPlexa. This project has some large aspirations mixed with it’s strong work ethic and they are on the verge of delivering their biggest release yet. Plexanet. A truly decentralized dVPN that runs off the uPlexa privacy based unit of account called UPX. Yup, a high speed, super decentralized, node driven, private web experience. Imagine the privacy of Tor and onion routing with the speed of the conventional web?
Check out Jonathan Frakes explain plexanet:

So if you got this far and did your research, you’d know Plexanet is in its final stages development and the architecture it runs on, known as Steadfast Storm, is nearing release to mainnet. But thats not all. The uPlexa contributors just released a bridge application that brings UPX to the Binance Smart Chain network. This wrapped version of UPX known as bUPX not only add depth to uPlexa’s liquidity but also bring an element of strong privacy to the smart chains that both lack. uPlexa will also be listing on Uniswap on July 21st with a bonus liquidity mining event on July 27th. More on that here: https://uplexa.medium.com/uplexa-is-now-a-privacy-option-for-bsc-and-eth-ecosystems-defi-370a76796179

Lastly, as of this month, the uPlexa Foundation was established. The uPlexa Foundation is a non profit organization based out of Canada with three directors from Canada, France, and United States focused on fighting against draconian regulations and corporations imposing censorship worldwide.

Comparing to other undervalued projects we have seen soar in the past few months, sitting under a $1M MC, uPlexa could 20-100x by end of year with ease.

There you have it. And with uPlexas record of making fast, upward price movements with releases, you might be looking at a good long or short term gainer. With the recent crypto price downswing, uPlexa is on sale! Check out their socials that are all linked at uplexa.com to keep up on all the past, present and future news. This one’s a long term bag for me. Happy smallcap hunting!